I Am Glass

I always loved the metaphor of a glass. It is one material that allows you to see through it, while at the same time shows your reflection. It is also the one material that is very hard to put back together once cracked. I like to think of myself as a piece of that fractured glass. I, like most of us, have been broken several times, and like most pieces of glass can cut if you try to put me back together. I have lost my clear reflection, and at times wish I was on the other side of myself.  However, in my fractured state, I still reflect light through me, and unto people in multiple directions. I can also bend light until it separates into a spectrum of colours. Therefore, my readers, I welcome you to look through me and unto yourselves, as I tell you about my reflections. You may bleed and pieces of me might get stuck in your fingers, but I promise you that you will see the world through a whole new lens.